Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Happy Spring!

Seeing that it is the first day of spring and it is absolutely gorgeous out, I figured I should write a post! For the first time since, well....forever, I am not going to critique anyone or their fashion habits but instead talk about some of my new favorite spring trends.
Since the weather has been so nice in recent weeks, I have seen a ton new looks and one that seems to really stand out (literally) are color block skinny jeans! I really love the look of them, whether they are cobolt blue, coral, or mint green, they are a great POC (pop-of-color) to any outfit. J. Crew carries them in amazing colors. Here they are pictured below:
Pair them with a pure white button down! LOVE!

Another trend that has actually been around for awhile are TOMS shoes. I recently was just given my first pair and I adore them (much to my roommate dismay)! They are so comfortable and go great with most outfits. However, mine are very winter-y so I think its time for me to invest in a new pair for spring. But the company just came out with new ballet flats and they are too cute! I can't wait to get a pair!
I'm going through a bit of a tribal phase so I think these are great, but they come in a ton of colors!

I could go on and on about my spring favorites but I think I'll leave it at those two for now and go and enjoy this beautiful weather! Have a great first day of spring everyone!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Like, Really???

This is going to be short and sweet because, as someone once said, a picture is worth a thousand words. And this picture, well it just says it all...
....and that is just the bottom half! Her top consisted of a Playboy bunny hat (can we say trashy?) and this tight, cropped black hoodie. I'm sorry but on what planet does this girl reside on, because it certainly is not Mother Earth. Ok, I'm done. And I promise, no one out there looks this horrific

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Its raining, Its pouring...

Okay, I need to get this out because it has been driving me crazy for the past couple of weeks.
First off, I go to college in Pennsylvania ,however, you would think I attend a school in freaking Seattle because of all the rain we've been getting. And, of course, when it rains, one would think it is perfect weather for a cozy sweater and a cute pair of rainboots, not the case on my campus. I realize it is still warm out even though its almost October, but you look REDICULOUS wearing rain boots and shorts!! Like, since when did that become a fashion statment? And do not get me wrong, I love me some rainboots (I am currently wearing mine) but come on, suffer through the 70 degree weather and put on a pair of pants. Any pants will do: leggings, jeans, cords, etc. And in the case that you have to, there-is-no-other-option, wear shorts, then by all means wear shorts....but with sneakers or flats or ANYTHING OTHER THAN BOOTS.
Small question: Don't you wear rain boots to stay dry? OK, well if you are wearing shorts, sorry sweety, but your bare legs are still going to get wet. Nice try. Just do us both a favor and cover up, there is always going to be a sunnier day.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Taking it ALL the way

To start things off, I have to first apologize for my absence. I realize it has been FOR.EV.ER since I've graced your computer screens with my energetic and whitty fashion critiques, however absence makes the heart grow fonder. So with that, I promise I will be more prompt with my posts.
It has been about three weeks since I started school, and I can already tell by the freshman roaming the campus, that this years fashions are just waiting for me to sink my teeth into them! As for this post, I have a major "problem" I'd like to address. This is just a basic concept that I would have hoped to believe everyone would understand: When getting dressed for the day, and you've put the effort into your hair and make-up, why not just go the whole nine yards and put the appropriate clothing on! I can't fathom why someone would put on a very nice top and then wear soffe shorts!!! Like....you can't be serious. Lets just take the extra TWO SECONDS and put on a pair of jeans. It is just not that complicated. Also, yoga pants are NOT daily attire. Yes, they are great for lounging around the apartment, and hey, I wear them to class sometimes with other "comfy" articles of clothing. BUT, when you are wearing a sweatshirt, yoga pants, and high-heeled boots, you need to check yourself. I'm sure sneakers would have sufficed.
Part of this blog, is to help those of you who fall under the unfortunate happening written in these posts. So, in order to make the world a better dressed place, my solution to these fashion-nots would be, when in doubt, throw on jeans. They are the go to in every outfit. And if you just got an awesome pair of heeled boots, either wait to wear them with a particular outfit, or again, put on jeans!! I am telling you, jeans are always safe bet.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Toes...and no, I don't mean the Zac Brown Band Song

Oh my goodness, it has been way too long since I have made a post. I am deeply sorry to all of my fans who diligently checked my blog everyday, hoping for some on-point fashion advice (clearly, I am over exaggerating).

Anyway, I've decided for this entry, it would be appropriate for me to touch upon shoe choices for this finicky weather we've got going on recently. Now, I know that late April brought us some fab weather, but if your feet are NOT manicured and ready to be exposed for all to see, then keep them under wraps. I promise you, no self-respecting person wants to see your bare, hobbit feet. And I do not want to hear the excuse that you didn't have time to get a pedicure, it is called wearing flats! They're cute and hide your nasty winter-ized feet! Aren't I just so smart??? Personally, I think it is SO worth the money just to even sit in those pedicure chairs for a half hour. Can you say heaven??? Forget about diamonds (well, not really but...), its all about spa treatments!

So ladies, and men for that matter, give the feet some TLC before showing them off to the warmth of the summers sun. It will make everyone's day brighter

Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Get Physical...

I am beyond excited to write this post because it is the first in a new additon to the already fantastic blog. I've decided, along with help from my wonderful roommate Meghan, to not only explain what not to wear but the alternative outfit of choice. So, game plan; First, I explain to all you some form of fashion criticism and then, second, I am going to post pictures of how to fix it! Brilliant, I know. As for today's fashion mishap, it saddens me to actually even make a post for this but unfortunately, it must be done. Ladies, I realize that we always want to look our very best, no matter where we may be, but when it comes to going to the gym, ya know like to exercise???? It really is ok to look like a total hot mess ( literally!). Wearing a full face of makeup is just pointless, I mean aren't you going to sweat it off anyway? And as for the "attire", or lack there of I should say, wearing a cut up, retro-style t-shirt from Hannah's Bat Mitzvah is NOT OK. Especially when it is so classily paired with soffee shorts rolled half way up you-know-where. Also, lets get some real sneakers. Come on, a pair of chucks aren't helping you reach your 5-miles per day goal. Another faux-pa I've had the pleasure of seeing, while at the gym, is the lovely sweat mark on the girls butt in front of me in the tight, seethough, gray leggings! If you are planning on wearing leggings to the gym, lets chose a more sublte color, like, I don't know, black. I promise you, nobody wants to see your sweaty butt. Ok, so moving on to the part where I give my opinion, in hopes that people will listen. When going to the gym, shorts are totally acceptable, just make sure there is a definite space between the material and your cheeks. Also, any top will really do, but keep it the way it was, when you first got it! You don't have to mangle and man handle the thing, its just a t-shirt! Now to the shoes, please buy a pair of real athletic sneakers!!! Something with an arch, and support for your foot! If any of you reading this right now find yourself doubting your gym wardrobe, just remember simple is best! Also you're at the gym, not some 80's themed dance party.
Meghan, Before
 ( a bit extreme, I know, but a point needed to be made)

Meghan, After
(doesn't she look ready for a run?)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Who knew desert chic was in style???

Happy New Year everyone! I know it has been quite a long time since I've entertained you all with my hilarious fashion critiques, but the holidays seemed to have taken over my life for some time. However, I am back and harsher than ever! This past week has been the first of my second semester and great inspiration! As I cleverly titled this blog, I am hoping that you are all aware of the show What Not To Wear on TLC. Well, as I walked into my Humans in the Enviornment class (daunting, I know) I truly felt like Stacey and Clinton were going to bust into the lecture hall and ambush my professor that very second. I understand that those who love science are more than likely off their rockers just a bit, but just because you lived in the wild doing experiments, doesn't mean that you can live the rest of your life wearing cargo pants! Being in the field of science certainly does not mean that you have to look like a character from Jurassic Park! I mean, you might as well just attach a sign to yourself proclaiming "Single Forever" across your chest! I know how harsh that sounds but it just pains me to see one of the ugliest outfits out there. Honestly people, it doesnt matter what field you choose to be in, ALWAYS LOOK PRESENTABLE!!!! I promise you, there are clothes out there that are funtional and fashionable! Uhhhh.....ok I hope you all have seen my point and please lets leave the desert boots at home, shall we?