Friday, February 11, 2011

Let's Get Physical...

I am beyond excited to write this post because it is the first in a new additon to the already fantastic blog. I've decided, along with help from my wonderful roommate Meghan, to not only explain what not to wear but the alternative outfit of choice. So, game plan; First, I explain to all you some form of fashion criticism and then, second, I am going to post pictures of how to fix it! Brilliant, I know. As for today's fashion mishap, it saddens me to actually even make a post for this but unfortunately, it must be done. Ladies, I realize that we always want to look our very best, no matter where we may be, but when it comes to going to the gym, ya know like to exercise???? It really is ok to look like a total hot mess ( literally!). Wearing a full face of makeup is just pointless, I mean aren't you going to sweat it off anyway? And as for the "attire", or lack there of I should say, wearing a cut up, retro-style t-shirt from Hannah's Bat Mitzvah is NOT OK. Especially when it is so classily paired with soffee shorts rolled half way up you-know-where. Also, lets get some real sneakers. Come on, a pair of chucks aren't helping you reach your 5-miles per day goal. Another faux-pa I've had the pleasure of seeing, while at the gym, is the lovely sweat mark on the girls butt in front of me in the tight, seethough, gray leggings! If you are planning on wearing leggings to the gym, lets chose a more sublte color, like, I don't know, black. I promise you, nobody wants to see your sweaty butt. Ok, so moving on to the part where I give my opinion, in hopes that people will listen. When going to the gym, shorts are totally acceptable, just make sure there is a definite space between the material and your cheeks. Also, any top will really do, but keep it the way it was, when you first got it! You don't have to mangle and man handle the thing, its just a t-shirt! Now to the shoes, please buy a pair of real athletic sneakers!!! Something with an arch, and support for your foot! If any of you reading this right now find yourself doubting your gym wardrobe, just remember simple is best! Also you're at the gym, not some 80's themed dance party.
Meghan, Before
 ( a bit extreme, I know, but a point needed to be made)

Meghan, After
(doesn't she look ready for a run?)

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